What’s Next?

We are about to release our first documentary, our latest. We are, of course excited. We are even more excited about what’s coming next!

Travel with the Picture Christians Project!



Starting this Spring we will be rolling out opportunities for you to travel with us to some of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the world.

Working with experienced Christian organizations and travel companies, we are organizing trips to Cairo, Egypt, the Maasai country of Tanzania and the deep, lush jungles of Zambia. Each of these trips will give you the opportunity to explore ancient and diverse Christian communities and historical sites.

In addition to amazing tours, meals and sights, we will spend time with local Christian churches and communities, worshiping together, breaking bread and learning about each other’s challenges and triumphs as members of the worldwide body of Christ.

We absolutely guarantee that these trips will transform you in ways that no other type of travel can.

Since we have the opportunity to start in one of three places, Cairo, Egypt, Tanzania or Zambia, we would like to hear from you – where would you like to travel, see amazing sights and meet amazing people?

Use the form below to tell us what interests you and we will consider everybody’s thoughts as we prepare for our first Picture Christians Travel Project!


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