About Us

About Us

What is The Picture Christians Project?

In the 21st century Christians are the most persecuted group in the world. Despite this fact, media coverage about who Christians are and what they need is sparse. By not showing them, the media “disappears” Christians on a global scale.

We began the Picture Christians Project in 2013 to change this – to connect those who suffer to those who can help and to show others how to do the same.

Our Goals
Our goals are straightforward:

Education: People tend not work on problems that they are not aware of or don’t see. To get at the problems of Christian persecution and media manipulation, we educate the public about Christians worldwide and how images are used to shape and push public opinion. Through our photographs, our blog, multiple media appearances and coming soon, trips to some of the most fascinating places in the world, our goal is to engage and better inform you about Christians and the world we live in.

To do our work, we use the camera. We are therefore also a community for photographers of all types. You do not need to be a “professional photographer” to make powerful images that move people to action. If you love photography, regardless of your skill level, subscribe to the newsletter where we share information about making photographs and thoughts on what they mean.

Humanization: Photographs can be used to build up or tear down the person pictured. Through the use of powerful images and words our second goal is to re-humanize our brothers and sisters in Christ. Often we only “see” other people in the world as statistics or as objects in a news story. By sitting down with Christians, by photographing them and telling their stories, from all over the world, we can transform them from a “something” back into a “someone.”

Support: To draw it all together, we work hard at supporting organizations which support Christians and their causes. We make our images available to not-for-profits, worldwide, often at no cost to the organization. If you are an organization that works on behalf of Christians and would like to use our images, please contact us.

Your support counts! We are able to travel to many places in the world thanks to your support. Through your contributions and the purchase of our product, we are able to continue with our work. To support the Picture Christians Project, please go here, or click the donate button.


Our Founder – Jeff Gardner

Jeff Gardner is the founder and director of the Picture Christians Project. Studying fine art as an undergraduate, he has been a painter and photographer for many years. He received his MA in history from the University of Kansas, where he also pursued his doctoral studies. He has taught courses in history, culture, literature, and religion at the high school and university level in programs and schools in the United States and Europe. As of 2016, Jeff is a doctoral candidate, ABD, in Communication and the Arts at Regent University, Norfolk, VA.

An awarding-winning producer, published author, journalist and humanitarian photographer, Jeff has worked in media for over a decade, writing for a number of national publications, producing a number of national syndicated radio programs, and appearing on a number of nationally Catholic radio networks.

Unless otherwise noted, Jeff Gardner has produced all the photographs being used for the Picture Christians Project©. Currently, Jeff lives in the Midwest with his wife and four children. You can reach him at:

Skype: jeffrey61264


  1. I am a 3rd level Franciscan and Byzantine Catholic. I am a widow working on getting a 2nd master in theology thru Byzantine online. I do have a talent in writing and editing. How can I help?

    • Elaine,

      Thank you – feel to contact me, we are always looking for help.


  2. Please add me to mailing list. Keep up these efforts!

    • Austin,

      I have added you to the mailing list – thank you so much.

      Jeff Gardner

  3. thank you. I just heard you on EWTN light of the East.

    • Andrew,

      Thank you so much.

      Jeff Gardner

  4. I was listening_’Light of the East,’ sounds like a project sorely needed. Thanks for Jeff and to Fr. T. Loya for bringing it to his listeners!

  5. I just watched you tonite on EWTN with Marcus Grodi. I was very inspired to hear your story. Thank you for sharing your conversion. God Bless you,
    Pauline Cyr

    • Pauline,

      Thank you for reaching out to me.



  6. Jeff, I heard you on Ed Morrisey. You rushed more information out about the Christians in Iraq than I’d heard before. Blessings on your raising the profile of this need.

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